In the City Perinatal Center a new method of treatment of newborns with asphyxia

The work of the doctor of the regional children's hospital was noted at the VII All-Russian Diabetes Congress

Head of intensive care unit of intensive care hospital number 1 Andrei Glushchenko awarded the title of "Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation"

The chief doctor of the diagnostic center received a thank you from the President

In the Clinical Medical and Surgical Center of the Ministry of Health of the Omsk Region, an operation was performed using new high-tech materials - carbon nanostructured implants

In KMSC, a unique technique for the plasty of anterior cruciate ligaments of the knee joint

In the Diagnostic Center, the first in the region specialized open magnetic resonance tomograph

The Centralized Laboratory of CDC launched new equipment for prenatal screening of pregnant women

In BSMP №2 have installed modern X-ray equipment

MSCH No. 9 rescues from amputations

On the basis of the Clinical Diagnostic Center, a contact center

New digital fluorograph was installed in the city polyclinic №2

A new equipment appeared in the West Siberian Medical Center - a unique "robot" for the rehabilitation of patients after a stroke

The Clinical Diagnostic Center received new equipment

New equipment in the Clinical Medical-Surgical Center will allow to conduct operations without cuts

In hospital emergency medical service number 1 introduced a new X-ray surgery operation

Omsk doctors became nominees of the national prize "Vocation"

Omsk surgeon became the finalist of the All-Russian competition "The Best Doctor of 2015"

The Center for Pediatric Arrhythmology began work at the Clinical Cardiology Clinical Hospital

The Hospital for Veterans of Wars received new equipment

The centralized laboratory of the diagnostic center was equipped with modern equipment

Omsk surgeons performed a unique operation to restore all structures of the elbow joint

The Clinical Medical-Surgical Center opened a unique department of surgery