The Centralized Laboratory of CDC launched new equipment for prenatal screening of pregnant women

To conduct prenatal screening for the first trimester of pregnancy, the new diagnostic analyzer COBAS -411 of Roche, a fully automated system for immunochemical analysis, was launched in the clinical diagnostic center. The purpose of screening is to determine the risk of having a number of genetic pathologies in the unborn child, as well as neural tube defects of the fetus.


The principle of the device provides obtaining the results of analyzes with the highest accuracy, specificity and reproducibility. The technology of electrochemiluminescence is the gold standard in laboratory diagnostics. Its advantages: high analytical sensitivity, wide measuring range when using a small sample volume. This combination of technical characteristics of the analyzer guarantees the accuracy of the diagnosis and complete confidence in the result.


"Our laboratory takes tests from all maternity hospitals of the city and the region and the previous apparatus could not cope with such a load. This equipment allows you to increase the speed and accuracy of obtaining the results of the study, "- said the doctor of the centralized laboratory of the clinical diagnostic center" Clinical Diagnostic Center ", Herman Chekmarev


The automatic risk calculation program "Astraia" calculates the results from measurements taken from the analyzer and has the highest percentage of detection of congenital malformations of the fetus. The program conducts a comprehensive assessment of the three components: the results of biochemical screening, ultrasound and personal data of the pregnant woman (weight, age, smoking, race, health, etc.). It is the complex approach that ensures the maximum accuracy of screening results.


It should be noted that prenatal screening of pregnant women in the first trimester is carried out on the basis of the Clinical Diagnostic Center since 1992 as part of the centralization of laboratory tests for all pregnant women in the Omsk region.


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