Allergology and immunology are areas of medicine that deal with the same problem from different angles. Investigation of hypersensitivity reactions to the introduction of foreign antigens is aimed primarily at identifying and eliminating the causes of immune response disorders.


Often, many people, being subjected to constant attacks of allergens, try not to pay attention to some symptoms that seem to them not serious enough. Frequent catarrhal diseases, chronic rhinitis and skin rashes in the old manner are treated with "grandmother's" methods, not even suspecting what harm they do to their health.


Nevertheless, even such common diseases as ARVI, tonsillitis and rhinitis, can appear atypical symptoms of an allergic reaction, which significantly reduces immunity, and even completely reduces it. Banal chronic bronchitis, with which many simply get used to and do not cure to the end, can develop into a rather complex and serious ailment - bronchial asthma. Therefore, it is very important in time to seek help from an allergist-immunologist for a proper assessment of the immune system of the body.


The first "disturbing" symptoms of weakened immunity, which can serve as an occasion for visiting an allergist:

-Frequent sneezing;

-Prolonged itching and permanent nasal congestion;

-Chronic seasonal rhinitis;

-Hyperemia of the eyelids and conjunctiva, lacrimation;

-Rashes on the skin, accompanied by itching;

-Chronic bronchitis with dry non-productive cough, less often with phlegm;

-Sudden occurrence of a sharp dry cough accompanied by difficulty breathing.


In addition to typical manifestations, there are many others that mimic various diseases. So do not delay the visit to a specialist!


Medical institutions engaged in this area:

Regional Clinic Hospital

Regional Children's Clinical Hospital

City Clinical Hospital No. 1 named after A.N. Kabanov.

Clinical Medical and Surgical Center