The regional clinical hospital today is the largest diversified healthcare institution in the region, providing highly qualified specialized medical care in 56 medical specialties, including high-tech in 16 directions.


Here more than 1000 modern methods of diagnostics and treatment are used.

The departments of the hospital are equipped with the latest generation equipment.

Most workstations are computerized and integrated into an information network.

The priority direction of the hospital's activity is the development and provision of access to quality specialized medical care.

-In the 29 specialized departments of the hospital 1120 beds of a 24-hour in-patient hospital were deployed, including a maternity hospital for 220 beds.

-The diagnostic process is provided by 21 units.

-In a consultative clinic for 750 visits per shift, 76 specialized receptions are conducted.

-The emergency and counseling department annually provides medical care to about 1500 patients.

-Every year more than 50,000 patients are received at the OKB hospital, up to 220,000 in the consultative polyclinic, and more than 70 percent of them are rural residents.

-The scientific and practical achievements of the hospital staff were recognized in medical circles in Russia and abroad.


In the Regional Clinical Hospital there are 2,535 employees: 457 doctors, 18 pharmaceutical workers, 1148 specialists with secondary medical education, 477 junior medical personnel and 435 employees of administrative and technical personnel.


For more detailed acquaintance with the services provided, it is necessary to visit the site or download file Service.


Services provided by the institution:


-Allergology and Immunology





-Traumatology and orthopedics


-Thoracic Surgery


-Ultrasound examinations

-Functional research

-Anaesthesiology and resuscitation

-Laboratory research

-Histological examination

All fields are required