Ultrasound is the study of organs and tissues using ultrasound "waves." Passing through tissues of different density, or rather through the boundaries between different tissues, ultrasound is reflected differently from them. A special receiving sensor captures these changes, translating them into a graphic image that can be captured on a monitor or special photo paper.


The ultrasound method is simple and accessible, has no contraindications. Ultrasound can be used repeatedly during the entire period of observation of the patient for several months or years. Moreover, the study can be repeated several times within one day, if the clinical situation requires it.


Sometimes the study is difficult or inadequate because of the patient's postoperative scars, bandages, obesity, pronounced meteorism. In these and other cases, computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can be performed. Including when the pathological processes revealed by ultrasound require additional examination with the help of more informative methods of refining diagnostics.


Ultrasound research is carried out by institutions:

Clinical Diagnostic Center

Regional Clinic Hospital

Regional Children's Clinical Hospital

City Clinical Hospital No. 1 named after A.N. Kabanov.

Maternity home 4

Maternity home 5

Clinical Oncology Center

Clinical Medical and Surgical Center

Clinical Health Care Unit No.9