Budgetary establishment of health protection of the Omsk region "Clinical diagnostic center" was established in 1988, at the same time when deep transformations began in Russia in all spheres of life, including health care.


The center was handed over the building of the regional hospital, in which the premises were reconstructed in the shortest time, the most modern medical equipment was delivered and installed. Completeness of the diagnostic center with advanced imported and domestic equipment necessitated the creation of its own engineering service. For the maintenance of medical equipment, the center obtained a federal license.


The budgetary health care institution of the Omsk region "Clinical Diagnostic Center" is an outpatient and outpatient institution whose main task is to provide specialized consultative, diagnostic and therapeutic and preventive care to the population of the region on the basis of the concentration of highly qualified medical personnel and medical equipment of expert class.


At all times, the clinical diagnostic center favorably distinguished from other outpatient clinics: multidisciplinary; Expert level of diagnostic studies and consultations as evidenced by the clinical status (assigned in 2004); A combination of a strong clinical base and consultative reception; Availability of scientific advisers; The majority of doctors holding a degree, the highest and the first category; The center is the base for the implementation of many federal and regional programs; As well as educational and scientific base in the main areas.


The tasks before the institution in modern dynamically changing conditions are very high, and their solution is achieved by the further development of information and communication technologies; Automation of the patient care process, modernization and optimization of the institution as a whole.


For more detailed acquaintance with the provided services, it is necessary to visit the site okd-center.ru or download the file Service


Services provided by the institution:


-Ultrasound examinations

-Functional research

-Radiation diagnostics

-Laboratory research

-Histological examination

All fields are required