Budgetary health care institution of the Omsk region "Clinical Oncology Center" is one of the largest treatment and prophylactic institutions in the Omsk region and the largest oncological profile in the Siberian Federal District. In the dispensary is a specialized, including high-tech medical care for patients with malignant neoplasms of virtually all localizations, with the exception of tumors of the central nervous system and the organs of vision. 


The number of employees in the oncological dispensary as of January 1, 2017 is 1195 people, including 218 doctors and 474 specialists with secondary medical education. 69.3% of doctors and 86.9% of specialists with secondary medical education have a qualification category. 83 doctors have a certificate in two specialties. Among the doctors work 2 doctors of medical sciences, 14 candidates of medical sciences, 4 doctors have the title of "Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation", 5 doctors - "Excellent Health". In 2005, the head of the urological department EI Kopyltsov was recognized as the best doctor in the Omsk region. For 2010 - 2016, 16 doctors of the oncological dispensary became winners of the regional contest "The Best Doctor of the Year". 


The Department of Anaesthesiology and Reanimation is equipped with modern anesthetic respiratory and follow-up equipment, electric functional beds with anti-bedsore mattresses, devices for the prevention and treatment of hypothermia, apparatus for autotransfusion of blood.


Omsk Cancer Center is the leader in the region in providing surgical care to patients with pathology of the thyroid gland, larynx, larynx, upper and lower jaws, oral mucosa, pancreas, rectum and colon, kidney, bladder, breast, lung, esophagus, Organs of the mediastinum. Over the past year, endoscopic surgery has been widely developed in the dispensary.


On the basis of the oncologic dispensary there are three Interregional centers:

-Surgery of the esophagus;

-Surgery of the pancreatuodenal zone;



The consulting polyclinic is designed for 300 visits per shift, a day hospital is functioning at a polyclinic for 45 places for antitumor drug therapy and radiotherapy. Out-patient and polyclinic care is provided in 13 areas of oncology.


For more detailed acquaintance with the services provided, you must download the file Service or visit the site buzookod.ru


Services provided by the institution:


-Thoracic Surgery

-Ultrasound examinations

-Functional research

-Radiation diagnostics

-Anaesthesiology and resuscitation

-Laboratory research

-Histological examination

All fields are required