Budgetary healthcare institution of the Omsk region "City clinical hospital № 1 named after A.N. Kabanov" – A multidisciplinary healthcare institution that provides preventive, therapeutic and diagnostic, counseling and rehabilitation assistance to the population of Omsk. It includes: a polyclinic for 570 visits a day, a multi-purpose hospital for 725 beds, a day hospital for 130 beds, a children's infectious hospital for 145 beds.


The structure of the clinic includes 16 treatment units, incl. A unique department of chronic hemodialysis, as well as planned and urgent operblo, CSO, admissions and operations department. On the basis of the hospital there are regional centers: surdology and hearing aid, a center for transplantation of internal organs and tissues. There are also urban centers: hematological, coloproctological, gravitational blood surgery, pulmonology, thoracic surgery, anti-rabies. There is a psychotherapeutic center for the Kirov administrative district.


Paraclinic service is represented by clinical, immunological, bacteriological, express - laboratories, pathoanatomical department. In addition, there are departments in the hospital: functional diagnostics, physiotherapeutic, endoscopic, radiology, blood transfusion unit.


If you want to use the services of the budgetary healthcare institution of the Omsk region "city clinical hospital № 1 named after A.N. Kabanov", you can visit the site gkb-1.ucoz.ru, and also contact the institution by phone or by mail:

The profile of rendering medical assistance to nonresident citizens is not from OMS funds Contact person for citizens' applications on the portal medtur.omskzdrav.ru
Full name Phone
Advisory office Govorov Evgeniy Nikolaevich  (3812) 744-226
Laboratory diagnostics    8-913-631-5452
Department of functional diagnostics    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Department of Radiation Diagnostics    
Ultrasound examinations    
Endoscopic Department    
Physiotherapy department    
Department of Surdology-Otorhinolaryngology and Hearing Aid    
Immunological office of the polyclinic    
Otorhinolaryngology room    
Coloproctological department (outpatient)    
Surgical department (polyclinic)    
Hematological department    
Therapeutic department    
Neurological department    
Pulmonology department    
Gynecological department (round-the-clock hospital) Surgical treatment and manipulations    
Traumatology department (round-the-clock hospital) Surgical treatment and manipulation    
Surgical Department No. 1 (round-the-clock hospital) Surgical treatment and manipulation    
Neurosurgical department (round-the-clock hospital) Surgical treatment and manipulations    
Department of Thoracic Surgery (round-the-clock hospital) Surgical treatment and manipulation    
Urological department (round-the-clock hospital) Surgical treatment and manipulations    
Surgery Department No. 2    
Department of purulent surgery (round-the-clock hospital) Surgical treatment and manipulations    
Otolaryngology department (round-the-clock hospital) Surgical treatment and manipulations    
Day-time hospital     


For more detailed acquaintance with the provided services, you need to download the file Services


Services provided by the institution:


-Allergology and Immunology





-Traumatology and orthopedics


-Thoracic Surgery


-Ultrasound examinations

-Functional research

-Anaesthesiology and resuscitation

-Laboratory research

All fields are required