Rehabilitation center of the FFC of the RF "Omsk" 



Rehabilitation Center "Omsk" is located in the center of Omsk, about 700 people are treated daily here.


The main activities of the Center are:

- Spa treatment;

- Treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system (heart attack, unstable angina, after surgical treatment of IHD), digestive system (after cholecystectomy, resection of the stomach), nervous system (stroke);

- Rehabilitation of persons with occupational diseases and injured at work, including patients in the early recovery period of trauma and "spinal" patients;

- Provision of medical care for CHI.


Our advantages:

- location in the city center, flexible pricing policy, qualified personnel;

- consultations of the faculty of the Omsk State Medical Academy;

- joint scientific and practical work (participation in exhibitions, conferences, seminars, the results of the work are published in scientific and printed editions) modern diagnostic, rehabilitation and therapeutic equipment;

- a wide range of activities, modern rehabilitation techniques;

- a large number of medical, rehabilitation, health programs;

- Individual approach to each patient;

- the presence of unique natural factors (the right to mine mud and develop a mud deposit is only at the Omsk Rehabilitation Center, its own source of unique mineral water, the department of radon therapy is the only one in Omsk and Omsk Region). comfortable conditions for patients stay;

- availability of cozy rooms, warm transitions, elevators, ramps, handrails;

- the only in the region Rehabilitation Center, adapted for the treatment of low-mobility patients;

- excellent cuisine, a varied menu to choose from;

- benevolent atmosphere;

- organization of leisure, cultural program;

- work for the result.


To get acquainted with the services provided, it is necessary to visit the site or download the file Services