The budgetary health care institution "Clinical Ophthalmologic Hospital named after V.P. Vihodtseva" is a non-profit organization that performs work and provides services to ensure the implementation of the powers of the Ministry of Health of the Omsk Region, provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation.


The institution carries out the following main activities:

1) the provision of specialized medical care, including consultative-diagnostic, therapeutic, preventive, rehabilitation care in inpatient, outpatient and out-of-hospital settings for diseases of the eye and its appendages.

2) provision of emergency ophthalmic care;

3) medical examination of fitness for military service of citizens with a postscript and call-up for active service (military medical examination);

4) conducting examinations of temporary incapacity for work, quality control of medical care;

5) provision of specialized ophthalmic and consultative assistance to the needy patient population, production of standard and individual eye prostheses; Selection of means of special correction for the visually impaired and the blind;

6) development and introduction into practice of new organizational forms of outpatient and inpatient care, modern means and methods of diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases and its adnexa, based on the achievements of science and technology.


For more detailed acquaintance with the services provided, it is necessary to visit the site or download a file Services.


Services provided by the institution:


-Histological examination

All fields are required