Clinical Dermato-venereal Dispensary



The history of the development of the dermatovenereological service of the Omsk region dates back to the pre-revolutionary times, when, in connection with the high incidence of venereal diseases, the City Duma was forced to allocate 28 beds for venereal patients as part of the city's only hospital.


In 1923, by order of the city health department, an outpatient clinic was opened to receive venereal patients and a hospital for 40 beds on the street. Gusarova.


In 1925, on the basis of the above-mentioned outpatient clinic, a skin and venereal dispensary was organized, a personal prevention room with a 24-hour reception was opened there. In 1938, the dispensary was given a room on the street. K. Liebknecht, 8, in which, subsequently, the hospital of the regional vascular clinic was placed at 60 beds.


In 1928, a clinic for 75 beds was opened on the street. Banna (Kosareva, 117).


In 1955 the city dermatovenerologic dispensary with 2 stationary departments and a polyclinic was organized.


In 1974, there was a merger of the city and regional dispensaries on the basis of the building located at the address: 5th Line, 117a, with a total of 405 beds, a polyclinic for 800 visits, and the Department of Skin and Sexually Transmitted Diseases of the State Medical Academy.


In 70 - 80 years in Omsk district dispensaries are opened.


In accordance with the decree of the Government of the Omsk region of July 26, 2006, No. 120-rp, the dermatovenereological service was reorganized through the merger of the dermatological and venereological dispensaries No. 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 administrative districts of Omsk with the public health facility of the "KKVD".


Since 2007, the chief doctor is MD. Novikov Yuri Alexandrovich.




round-the-clock hospital for 90 beds;

day hospital for 65 patients;

6 polyclinic departments with a capacity of 930 visits per shift;

2 departments for conducting preliminary and periodic medical examinations;

clinical diagnostic laboratory;

specialized center "Trust" to provide specialized assistance to children and adolescents;

physiotherapeutic room;

a cabinet of efferent methods of treatment (plasmapheresis, UFO blood, laser therapy);

Department of paid medical services;

outpatient consultation of a dermatologist-trichologist;

outpatient consultation of a dermatocosmetologist;

cabinets for the treatment of benign skin tumors on the apparatus "Surgitron";

cabinets of hardware foot care.


Chief physician Novikov Yu. A.


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