Budgetary health institution of Omsk region "City Dental Clinic No. 3" is the largest dental institution in the Leninsky Okrug of Omsk and offers all kinds of dental care to residents of our city.


The management of the polyclinic is carried out by the chief doctor of the Public Health Service "City Dental Polyclinic No.3" Oleg Borisovich Shramko.


The institution is equipped with the most modern materials and equipment. The polyclinic is represented by all profile dental offices:

• Department of therapeutic stomatology number 1;

• Department of therapeutic stomatology number 2;

• Children's dental department and orthodontics office;

• Department of Surgical Dentistry with an operation unit;

• Department of orthopedics with dental prosthetics;

• X-ray room.


The work of the polyclinic is organized on a five-day working week from 8:00 to 20:00. On Saturday, the reception is from 8:00 to 14:00. It is located at: Omsk, ul. Kotelnikova 4, the telephone of the registry is 41-14-00.


The subject of the activity of the SUE "SHG # 3" is the provision of medical services in the following areas:

- Provision of emergency dental medical care in outpatient settings;

- Provision in outpatient conditions of therapeutic dental health care;

- Provision in outpatient conditions of surgical dental care;

- Provision in outpatient conditions of orthopedic dental health care;

- Provision of pediatric dental care in outpatient settings.

Profile of the medical institution of the non-profit organization "GSP № 3" - dentistry, consultations on the questions of treatment, prosthetics, implantology.


For more detailed acquaintance with the provided services, it is necessary to visit the site gsp3omsk.ru or download the Service file.


Services provided by the institution:


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