Budgetary health care institution of Omsk region "City dental polyclinic №2"


Work (services) performed: in the implementation of ambulatory polyclinic medical care, including: in the implementation of specialized medical care for: quality control of medical care; dentistry therapeutic; Orthopedic stomatology; dentistry surgical; dentistry nursery; orthodontics; examination of temporary incapacity for work.


Heads "City Stomatological Polyclinic № 2" Excellent worker of public health services of the Russian Federation Khrutsky Vladimir Ivanovich




We are located at: Russian Federation, 644053, Omsk, ul. Neftezavodskaya, 25 / ul. 50 years of trade unions, 91. Convenient location from the stopping complex "Ploshchad im. Lickiewicz »


The polyclinic carries out the following activities:

1. For therapeutic dentistry:

- non-carious lesions of hard tooth tissues;

- carious lesions of hard tissues of teeth;

- treatment of periodontal diseases;

- treatment of diseases of the oral mucosa.


2. For surgical dentistry:

- operation of tooth extraction;

- odontogenic inflammatory diseases;

- pathology of teething;

- diseases of the salivary glands;

- benign tumors and tumorous formations;

- Treatment of dental diseases with a diode laser;

- surgical treatment of wounds in the maxillofacial region. implantology.


3. Orthopedic dentistry:

- removable prosthetics (full, partial and clasp);

- fixed prosthetics (crowns stamped of all kinds, plastic teeth, pins, bridges);

- metal-ceramic prostheses;

- metal acrylic dentures.


4. For child's dentistry:

Prevention of dental diseases;

- treatment of temporary and permanent teeth;

- treatment of tooth - jaw anomalies with removable and non-removable structures (braces).


5. Physiotherapeutic treatment of dental diseases.


6. Radiographic examination of the maxillofacial area, including the production of panoramic X-ray images.


For more detailed acquaintance with the provided services, it is necessary to visit the site gsp2omsk.ru or download the Service file.


Services provided by the institution:


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