Budgetary health care institution of the Omsk region "City Children's Clinical Hospital No. 2 named after V.P. Bisyarina" is the oldest children's hospital in Omsk region, the only children's medical institution in the region that provides specialized medical assistance in allergology and immunology, rheumatology. In addition, on the basis of our institution, 24-hour beds for the profile of pediatric cardiology have been developed.


The presence of a laboratory of clinical immunology in the structure of the clinical diagnostic laboratory allows for a complete examination of the patient. Medical technology for the diagnosis of diseases associated with immune disorders: the determination of the state of the immune system using monoclonal antibodies and a unique device - flow cytofluorimeter allows counting cells that determine the state of cellular and humoral immunity: CD3 + (mature T cells), CD4 + (T helper / inducers), CD8 + (T-cytotaxic), CD16 + (natural killers), CD20 + (mature B cells and their precursors), HLA-DR + (activated T cells and monocytes), CD25 + (activated T- and B-cells and their predecessors and), CD95 + (apoptosis receptor, FAS-antigen) to study their functional activity. Determination of the presence of immunodeficiency, assessment of the state of cellular and humoral immunity, are an indispensable condition for the diagnosis of infectious diseases, allergies, autoimmune pathology, the rationale for the appointment of immunomodulators to the patient.


The newest technology of allergodiagnostics of the fourth generation "ImmunoCAP" with the use of the automatic analyzer "Phadia 100" for the determination of allergic-specific IgE to more than 100 allergens included in the groups: domestic, food, pollen allergens, animal and helminth allergens. The method is highly sensitive and specific. According to the conclusion of WHO, the technology "ImmunoCAP" is the "gold standard" of allergodiagnostics. The technique is unique and is produced on the only device in the city of Omsk "ImmunoCAP" of the Swedish firm Phadia, for the detection of specific allergens.


In 1988, the cardio-rheumatological department was organized in the hospital, on the basis of which in 2012 the Center for Cardiology and Rheumatology for children of the city of Omsk and Omsk region was opened. Currently, the department has in its composition beds of cardiological, rheumatological and pediatric profiles, as well as daytime cots.


Children with cardiological diseases (congenital and acquired heart defects, cardiac rhythm disturbances, congenital and acquired carditis, cardiomyopathies, vegetative dysfunction syndrome, arterial hypertension), and rheumatological pathology (SZST, arthritis, hemorrhagic vasculitis, UXA, dysplasia) are hospitalized in the department. connective tissue, arthralgia).


The availability of modern diagnostic equipment allows you to conduct a survey of this category of patients fully and in a short time.


Consultative assistance in the treatment of patients is carried out by employees of the Department of Children's Diseases No. 2 of the OGMU Candidate of Medical Sciences, Professor Sobotyuk NV, MD, associate professor, head of the Department of Pediatrics Bochantsev S.V.


Also in 2012, on the basis of the department of allergology and immunology of the polyclinic, beds of the allergological and pulmonological profiles of pediatric department No. 2 of the 24-hour in-patient department, the Center for Allergology and Immunology for Children of Omsk and Omsk Region was opened.


The material base of the Center provides the possibility of carrying out scarifying skin tests with pollen, domestic, epidermal and food water-salt allergens, as indicated by intradermal tests.


By results of tests and laboratory diagnostics, allergen-specific immunotherapy (ASIT) of bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis is carried out.


In the cabinet of respiratory rehabilitation, halotherapy is used - a method based on the use of an artificial microclimate, similar in parameters to the conditions of underground karst caves and salt mines. The main active factor of the halochamber is a highly dispersed aerosol of sodium chloride and negative air ions. Therapy is performed on an individual halogenator "Haloneb", which allows individualizing the procedure, realizing all the positive effects of halotherapy. The effectiveness of the action is due to the effect on the inflammatory component, the change in the rheological properties of sputum, the improvement of drainage function and the reduction of inflammation in the respiratory tract.


Patients with skin diseases are selected for ointment therapy in a specialized room. Here, light therapy is carried out on the apparatus Bioptron (polarized light of low intensity). Polarized light promotes regression of the cutaneous inflammatory process, reduces edema, itching, reduces the severity of the allergic inflammation of the skin). Cryotherapy is widely used.


There is an Asthma school in the department, where the average medical staff conducts training of patients with bronchial asthma, peak flow, pulseometry, nebulization, the use of various forms of drug delivery, and methods of drainage gymnastics. And also, just before the doctor's appointment, together with the patients and their parents, conducts asthma-test-control. The "Asthma School" classes for parents and children are held immediately after the reception in an individual mode and in groups.


In the offices of the 24-hour hospital there are single rooms of superior comfort and boxed wards. A full list of services can be found on the hospital's website gdkb2-omsk.ru.


For more detailed acquaintance with the provided services, it is necessary to visit the site gdkb2-omsk.ru or download the Service file.


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