The budgetary healthcare institution of the Omsk region "Center for Medical Rehabilitation" (abbreviated name of the Institution: "DEM") implements medical activities in accordance with license LO-55-01-002203 of October 6, 2017, issued by the Ministry of Health of the Omsk region. The Center has a multidisciplinary approach, which means that each patient is the focus of several specialists: a pediatrician or a therapist, a doctor for medical rehabilitation, a physiotherapist, a exercise therapist, a psychologist, and, if necessary, other physicians in as consultants.


The institution consists of the following units:

1) Out-patient department (children's), provides highly qualified, specialized rehabilitation assistance to children, adolescents and adults in the city of Omsk and the Omsk region, provides organizational and methodological assistance in the use of physical rehabilitation methods in medical and preventive institutions in the city of Omsk and Omsk region. This is an outpatient department with daily stay of patients. There are 2 rehabilitation departments in the structure of the institution. Each department of rehabilitation of the day hospital consists of four units for 16 workplaces of specialists per shift, each of which includes a doctor's office, a cabinet for massage with separate booths, a gym for physiotherapy, a rest room for staff equipped with household appliances, and a sanitary room. All structural units are equipped with furniture and necessary equipment.


2) The psychologist conducts patients' reception, conducts testing, corrective exercises. Gives advice to parents on independent studies with children. Explains how to behave with special children, recommends which psycho-pedagogical technologies, will suit a particular child. In addition, conducts corrective and developmental activities in the sensory room (located on the 3rd floor).


3) The physiotherapy department has a total area of ​​412.7 square meters. On the 1st floor there are: a group halotherapy room, a heat treatment room with teplokuhney, 2 hydrotherapy rooms, a physiotherapist's office, a sister-hostess's office. In the halochamber, children with respiratory diseases are mainly treated, this is a specially equipped room in which the conditions of the salt cave (speleoshahti) are artificially created. a therapeutic medium saturated with dry aerosol of sodium chloride with a predominance (up to 90%) of small particles (0.5-5 μm), which, penetrating into the deepest parts of the respiratory tract, have an effect on the restoration of bronchial function and external respiration. In addition, in order to create a favorable psychological atmosphere for children, built-in speakers broadcast music, fairy tales, and radio performances.


In the room of heat therapy we use fangoparaffin therapy. This method is widely used in physiotherapy for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, as well as for chronic inflammatory diseases, in the pathogenesis of which the peripheral circulation plays an important role.


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